How to choose a web provider?

Do you need a professional to accompany you in the realization of an IT project and you cannot recognize a professional from an amateur?

Indeed there are many people providing various IT services and due to the lack of regulations and standards in the field you will find a whole range of providers.

It is important to take some time on your own to learn about what is currently being done and define your goals, a professional will offer you an appointment to establish the services that could benefit your business, only following that he will send you a written offer specifying the services provided, the duration of the realization as well as the price of course.

Stay away from “all-inclusive”, “package” offers, etc. Like everywhere, it is obviously not possible to get a price for a service before you even know what needs to be done.

What should an offer for a website contain?


The most obvious, a clear description of the services that will be provided to you, allowing to agree between what you expect to receive and what will be provided to you.


Having to juggle between several projects simultaneously, agencies cannot necessarily take charge of your project immediately, it all depends on the size and urgency of it. Clear milestones will allow you to have a mutual commitment between you and the agency.


Depending on the complexity of a project, several milestones can be put in place to ensure that the tasks run their course and that everyone is on the same page, a guarantee for both parties.

In addition, it is important to validate certain key stages such as the graphic model, the main functionalities as well as certain operations.


A model is a visual representation of your future site, it can be presented in several ways, the goal is to agree on what will be achieved in the version of the site put into production.

Low fidelity mockup: presents the overall layout of your project, but does not focus on aesthetics, it is used to flatten the logic of your site, examples: where the buttons lead, what actions are taken after the submission of 'a form, etc.

High fidelity mockup: when both parties agree on the features to be implemented, the high fidelity mockup will represent the final appearance of your site.

The prices

Each agency applies its own hourly rate, some tasks may also use different rates from the base one. It is important to know that not all agencies are equal in terms of skills and prices much lower than normal indicate that concessions will be made on the result. Do not hesitate to ask for the certifications enjoyed by the employees of the company.

In conclusion

As for all companies, the prices and the quality of the services vary, call on people trained in the technical trades and not amateurs you will not regret it!

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