How the Google Speed Update will influence your business

For several months, Google has been preparing a more important integration of the speed of your website in the ranking of search results called "Google Speed Update".

As you probably know your content is indexed by Google, the quality of your content but also the way your content is delivered at the code level of your website (appropriate tags, structured data, SEO help documents, etc.) strongly influence your place in the search results page.

Another important factor: the speed of execution and optimization of your site will also be taken into account, for the simple reason that when you use a website you want to be able to access content quickly or at least appropriately, your customers too!

First you can check your current score with the Google tool:

If your score is in the orange zone (~ 70), you are advised to make improvements on your site! Unfortunately by using a tool like Wix to create an extremely basic site, you don't have the tools or the advice you need to optimize your platform.

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