Specialized online software for childcare facilities


Kidesk is a fully online application dedicated to the operation of childcare facilities, such as nurseries, nurseries and UAPE, this application allows you to manage the daily tasks incumbent on the employees of these structures.

Thanks to a detailed analysis of the needs of childcare companies, several protocols have been specifically developed to meet their needs and promote easy use in order to alleviate the workload of employees, whether at the level of educators. -women but also for the staff in charge of the administration.

In order to promote the presence of human resources in each reception structure, a system makes it possible to automate as much as possible and to simplify the search for replacement personnel in the event of the absence of one or more employees.

In addition, a unique system has been put in place to make it possible to assess the expected reception load for a period that can be defined by the user, thus making it possible to optimize the enrollments of children in establishments managed by clients.

The strong points

Simplification and optimization of the workload are the key words of this application

  • Custom development
  • Laravel
  • Planning for children
  • Human Resource Management
  • Replacement management
  • Online subscription
  • Can be used on all types of peripherals