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Our experts are certified Google Mobile Sites


We are among the first web agencies in Switzerland to offer our clients Progressive Web Applications (PWA), the cutting edge of web technology to best serve you and your clients. A PWA allows you to integrate an application closely related to your website or online application, thus granting it exclusive advantages for your mobile users.

Web push notifications, accessibility to offline content and blazing execution speed are just a few of the possibilities offered by Progressive Web Applications.

Did you know ?

  • 60% of mobile users expect a website to open in under 3 seconds
  • On average, 75% from users will abandon a site if it takes more than 5 seconds to load
  • Google notes that a loading time 2% faster bring 2% more research
  • Amazon states that a reduction of 100ms in loading time brings them 1% of additional income
  • Walmart has measured that 1 second less load brings 2% of additional conversions


Unparalleled execution speed


Increase in customer satisfaction

Mobile app

A mobile application linked to your site