The 100% online accounting software for SMEs.

In order to fill a gap in the field of accounting for small and medium-sized businesses, a simplified account management system has been created to meet this need.

Many companies carry out a technological update in order to follow the evolution of the market, the demands of their customers as well as to facilitate the daily management of their company.

The current situation due to the COVID crisis is forcing many companies to review their sales strategy, unfortunately a number of them are not yet ready to make the transition to an online model, we are obviously there to offer you solutions adapted to your needs and especially your budget.

Let's put aside for a moment the constraints related to the deployment of an online sales solution and focus on the management aspect of your business, because we are aware that the sale of products and services is only one aspect of your business. business.

Let's say your sales platform starts to grow and has some success, that's great and you're on the right track, however how do you manage the recording of these transactions since your trusty cash register does not provide you with a paper receipt for these transactions.

This is where comes in WooCounting, our online accounting system created specifically to meet the needs of SMEs, our online platform 100%accessible from any of your internet connected devices - allows you to efficiently manage your transactions, discover the key features below:

  • Sales management
  • Expense management
  • Product management
  • Creation of invoices
  • Management of payment methods
  • Link to your e-commerce
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